Duszynski Lab

As the focal site of oxidative metabolism, mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. They are involved not only in ATP production and various metabolic pathways but also in many signaling cascades. Moreover, they are the main site of reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation within the cell. The central role of mitochondria in many physiological processes, for example: apoptosis, ageing, division, mobility etc. is well documented now.

In the laboratory of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes we investigate metabolism, structure, function and dynamics of mitochondria, both under physiological and pathological conditions. Our main research interests are focused on normal physiology of mitochondria as well as on effects of mitochondrial defects on cell structure, energy state of the cell, generation of reactive oxygen species and cellular calcium homeostasis. We study various experimental models: various cell lines, cells derived from patients with metabolic disorders or glycogen storage disease. Our laboratory has also a long-standing interest in the role of p66Shc protein in oxidative stress and ageing.


New manuscripts from our laboratory accepted for publication

2017-10-27 21:16:35

We are pleased to announce, that recently three our manuscripts:

  • Justyna Janikiewicz*, Jędrzej Szymański*, Dominika MalinskaPaulina Patalas- KrawczykBernadeta MichalskaJerzy Duszyński, Carlotta Giorgi, Massimo Bonora, Agnieszka Dobrzyn and Mariusz R. Wieckowski# (2017) "Mitochondria-associated membranes in aging and senescence: structure, function and dynamics" Cell Death & Disease - in press
  • Walczak JPartyka MDuszyński JSzczepanowska J (2017) "Implications of mitochondrial network organization in mitochondrial stress signalling in NARP cybrid and Rho0 cells” Sci. Rep. - in press
  • Sonia Missiroli, Simone Patergnani, Natascia Caroccia, Gaia Pedriali, Mariasole Perrone, Maurizio Previati, Mariusz R. Wieckowski and Carlotta Giorgi  (2017) "Mitochondria Associated Membranes (MAMs) and inflammation" Cell Death & Disease - in press

have been accepted for publication.